Responses to Mehdi Hasan’s ‘Pro-Life’ Op-Ed

Mehdi Hasan’s op-ed piece about being pro-life made the rounds quickly, rightfully prompting a number of responses. I just wanted to post some of the responses here in case anyone happens to stumble upon this and hasn’t seen them yet.

1. Abortion, Mehdi Hasan, Free Speech and the Left by Kenan Malik

2. Being Wrong About Abortion by Tauriq Moosa

3. Lies, Damned Lies, and Mehdi Hasan on Abortion by Kelly Hills. This piece also appears here on the Guardian’s site, linking it so you can read the comments.

I’m sure there are a lot more great responses, so if I find any more I will update this list.


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One response to “Responses to Mehdi Hasan’s ‘Pro-Life’ Op-Ed

  1. Thank you for the inclusion in your list!

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