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Rebecca Solnit has a really great piece in Mother Jones entitled The Problem With Men Explaining Things. In it she recalls various exchanges she’s had with men who are certain that they are smarter and more informed than her, even when it comes to her own novels. Every woman on earth can probably recall many personal examples of being in this situation, known as mansplaining. Men who are just positive that what you aren’t saying isn’t right, and it’s up to them to explain it clearly and correctly.

I just want to point out a comment that someone called Shocktroop left on Rebecca’s article.

when you are assertive and loud and unwavering, you make enemies. doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. you have to expect to have people hate you and expect to have people question you and try to talk over you and silence you. I think men in general grasp this better than women. Understanding that not everybody is going to be nice to you all the time. Men embrace making enemies, we embrace confrontation more. You are not going to get anywhere in life without realizing that you are going to step on some toes and ruffle some feathers. you have to be prepared to handle that.

Mansplaining on an article about mainsplaining. I don’t know if it’s some kind of performance art or just someone who really isn’t getting the point. Shocktroop is quick to point out that women just don’t get it! Gosh, we really need to pull ourselves together and humor the arrogant men who talk down to us, patronize us and interpret everything we do and say as irrational and crazy.

Shocktroop also seems to think that a woman who is, to quote him, “assertive and loud and unwavering” will be perceived and treated the exact same way as a man who exhibits the same traits, proving he has no insight into basic gender inequalities and society’s attitudes towards women. This lovely commenter also doesn’t realize that the “Oh, that’s just the way it is, suck it up!” attitude is what women have been told time and time again regarding not entering the workforce, not being able to seek an education, childbirth and child rearing, sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexism in general, to name a few.

Thank you for proving Rebecca’s point, Shocktroop. Cheers.

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